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Vortex Liquid Color also offers low viscosity (typically 3000 to 6000 centipoises) polyether polyol liquid colorants for two component polyurethane (for both MDI and TDI urethane elastomers) and moisture cure urethane systems. These products have been formulated to contain very high loadings of finely dispersed high-quality pigments to provide our customers with the best possible system for their application.

These Polyether Polyol-based dispersions with a molecular weight of 2000 and a hydroxyl number of 56 are designed for most polyurethane foams, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, and sealants. Our colorants have been used to manufacture parts such as: Belts, Couplings, Deflectors, Pins, Sprues, Squeegees, Wheels, and Wipers, as wells as several specialized coating.

The VLC Series 100 Single Pigment Polyurethane Dispersions are available in quantities as little as eight pounds. We also offer standard and custom colors.

Single Pigment Color Dispersions:

Vortex Code Description Pigment Type
100E-B0001A Blue 15:3 Phthalocyanine Blue GS
100E-B0001A Blue 15:3 Phthalocyanine Blue GS
100E-B0002A Blue 29 Ultramarine Blue
100E-D0001A Black 7 Carbon Black
100E-G0001A Green 7BS Phthalocyanine Green BS
100E-R0001A Red 101YS Red Iron Oxide YS
100E-R0002A Red 122 Quinacridone Magenta
100E-R0003A Red 254 Diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole YS
100E-W0001A White 6 Titanium Dioxide
100E-Y0001A Yellow 151GS Benzimidazolone GS
100E-Y0002A Yellow 191RS Monoazo/Ca Lake

Experimental Single Pigment Color Dispersions:

Vortex Code Description Pigment Type
100E-G0002A Green 17 Chromium Oxide
L-2662A Violet 19YS Quinacridone Violet YS
L-2663D Orange 36 Benzimidazolone RS
L-2666 Yellow 42 Yellow Iron Oxide
L-2667 Red 101BS Red Iron Oxide BS

Experimental Custom Colors:

Vortex Code Description
L-2506 Pantone 187 Red
L-2624 Pantone 116 Yellow
L-2651 Pantone 2945 Blue
L-2655 Pantone 192 Red
L-2920 Pantone 208 Red
L-2927 Pantone 123 Yellow

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